How To Create Your A.I App And Software To Make 6 To 7 Figures Income In 2024!

What Everyone Else Is Doing With A.I For Business (Thus, There's No Advantage To Win)

Have you ever wondered if the stories about making six to seven figures in the A.I. business are real? 

I was skeptical too, until I saw the tangible results firsthand. 

Picture this: ordinary people, with no special tech skills, breaking into the A.I. market and generating substantial income. It sounds too good to be true, but it's happening right now. And here's the best part – it's not about being a tech wizard; it's about understanding how to harness this powerful tool to create value. 

If you're doubtful, you're not alone. Let me take you through a journey that might just change your perspective about the potential of A.I. in entrepreneurship.

I’ll be sharing with you how I’ll do it and you can then evaluate for yourself if it’s possible or not, for you?

You see, mostly, there are currently 2 ways people are telling you about how to make money with A.I.

Method #1: Learning Prompts with ChatGPT

Let’s talk about using ChatGPT prompts, particularly for crafting content. 

For example, you can feed it a topic and get a draft article in minutes. This is a great way to start, especially if you’re new to A.I. But it’s only the first step towards bigger things in A.I. entrepreneurship.

But honestly, it’s not rocket science. Anyone can Google and find free prompts or shell out a few bucks for thousands of prompts to buy. It’s all over the internet. Here's the thing though: there’s hardly any business edge in just doing what everyone else can. 

And frankly, you don’t need me to teach you this stuff. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Method #2: Using Other A.I Apps And Tools

The second method to leverage A.I. in your business is by getting hands-on with various A.I. tools available. Just Google for "list of ai tools and what they do". Take a look, experiment with them, see what they can do.
Honestly, you might wonder why anyone would spend time and money on seminars or workshops for this? :-)

It's pretty straightforward. But remember, using these tools is just part of the game.

Turn Your Entrepreneurial Vision Into Tangible Profit: Build A.I Apps and Scale The Software!

So, for the past 3 months, in June 2023, I've been doing many things behind the curtain.

This includes studying and observing.

This is why I've officially announced on social media and my websites that I'm OFF.

But the truth is, I was working on many other opportunities that are 10X more lucrative than selling courses.

One of them is A.I. 

While the rest of the marketers are jumping on the opportunity to "teach A.I" to make money and I wasn't doing that simply because I'm very busy PRACTICING and making money instead of teaching.

Furthermore, it's good other marketers can do this so that everyone else will be aware.

So, what have I been doing with AI?

The opportunity is to create your own A.I. app...

And there are 3 big opportunities in this!

Opportunity #1: Create A.I App And Tools To Sell

The first one is creating an A.I app to help your current business, which of course, to help you make even more money.

Here’s one A.I app we develop internally, it’s not available to the public:

We use it to create a simple TikTok video script. Here's a sample of how it works...
My team just needs to go inside the A.I. app to come up with the content we need, with no experience whatsoever in content creation anymore!

As I say, this is just one example. We've created so many A.I apps internally to use now.

Opportunity #2: Sell A.I App To Companies And Local Businesses

The second opportunity available in your hand? A.I. implementation for business owners and companies.

Here's an app we are working on proposing for real estate companies.

In the video below, you'll see the framework; when we hand it over to the client, it'll have a more excellent user interface...
With this app, we can profile our prospects and even help us come up with the marketing message to make the real estate project successful.

As I've shared earlier, I've been OFF for 3 months to "get out" of the internet marketing niche for that period. Because there are so many more opportunities outside that niche, and for the same expertise or product, I could charge much more.

Imagine selling this A.I. app in the crowded internet marketing niche for $20K. Sounds unreasonable, right?

Well, for a real estate company, it's nothing at that fee. They would have earned $20K by just selling one property or real estate!

Opportunity #3: Build An A.I SaaS Software Business

The third opportunity is to create your own A.I. software for the market.

Have you heard of Jasper, Opus Pro, Perplexity AI, Chatbase, and the list goes on?

Today, if you're fast during the trend, you could build your own A.I. software as an entrepreneur.

I'm sure you've heard about A.I. software that has been evaluated to be worth millions today.

But – let's not get too ambitious; how about creating a simple A.I. app and selling it off for six figures to cash out within just months?

These are just 3 upfront opportunities, but as a marketer, I can think of so many more opportunities – as long as you know how to build your own A.I. app, money will be made.

I have an invitation – 

I’m looking for 10 entrepreneurs to teach them how to build their own A.I apps and software.

Join the A.I App Entrepreneur Mastermind Program Today (Only 20 Spots)

The A.I App Entrepreneur Program is a brand new program to help aspiring entrepreneurs to build a 6 to 7-figure business by creating A.I apps and software.

It's a high-level program, and it’s only open to 20 clients.

One reason is that I cannot afford this to be leaked to the public, so we’re not releasing anything online. This way, you’ll have fewer competitors, which allows you to make more money.

It’s the same concept as during the trend of Apple mobile apps.

Honestly, I was one of the pioneers in teaching how to build mobile apps, and many of my students made so much money from it!

One student took the mobile app to become a business and build a company from it, where he even has funding investors now.

And then, another student who has made over $100,000 in a month from Appstore alone.


Announcing the “A.I App Entrepreneur Program” – How To Build Your Own A.I With No Experience And Skill.

Let me clarify - I’m not technical and don’t understand a single thing about coding, but I’m an entrepreneur.

This program is for entrepreneurs, not for programmers.

It’s about how to make money by creating your own A.I app or software making lots of money.

Component #1: The 2-Day A.I App Entrepreneur Masterclass

The program's first component is the 2-Day A.I. App Entrepreneur Masterclass in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is where we'll teach you how to build your app and show you case studies; these are behind-the-curtain.

I'll also reveal my A.I. apps and the business strategy, turning them into a 7-figure online business. Feel free to replicate my business model for yourself.

The best part is that you can create your A.I. app after the masterclass.

In the previous masterclass, one of the attendees created his A.I. app chatbot for his business by Day 2!

Imagine how many A.I. apps you'll create after you've learned all our secret formulas. After all, you can create unlimited A.I. apps and follow our strategies to scale them into A.I. software later.


We're setting a very high standard for the 2-day masterclass to help you succeed.

At the end of the training, we'll not just promise you'll be able to create the similar A.I app like the "TikTok Video Scripter" I've shown you earlier in the video, we'll even guarantee you'll have it built. 

In fact, some of our previous attendees built it during the masterclass itself! Don't even need to wait until the weekend's over. 

The 2-Day A.I App Entrepreneur Masterclass

Date: 9th and 10th March 2024 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM for each day
Venue: Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur,  Jalan Imbi, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

LUNCH at the hotel will be provided for both days.

The masterclass will be presented by Patric Chan and his A.I. expert partner.

The good news is, if you're from overseas or outstation, you'll have enough time to prepare for your travel. We've also planned the time to start at 10.30 am so that if you're from the outstation, you could arrive on the same day too.
This small-group masterclass is strategically organized for just 10 - 20 attendees so you can network with others and communicate with the speakers.

It'll be a hands-on class where you can create your A.I app during the training!
Testimonials from the first masterclass...

Component #2: Three A.I App Entrepreneur Zoom Live Classes

After the 2 days masterclass is over, it's time to get started for you to create your A.I app and the first Zoom class will take place a week later.

The 3 live Zoom classes will cover more advanced ways of building your A.I software and business. For instance, it's hard to tell you how to create a "Jasper" in 2 days, but it's easier to teach you how after you've attended the 2-day masterclass.

Why? Because you would already understand the game and you can play well now.

We'll also do live coaching and critique for clients during the Zoom live classes.

Component #3: 90 Days Expert Support And Community

The last component is our 90-day Expert support. 

This is NOT "customer support" but a support system for my partner, Seree Woradechjamroen, and myself to help you with answers. Yes, you're getting answers and replies from the masterclass speakers directly.

Our expert team will be available to provide further support if you have technical questions on building your A.I app or software. For instance, after our client completed masterclass, she is able to create her own A.I app and she can post for us to review it...
On top of that, you'll get to join the A.I App Entrepreneur Community so that you'll be able to network with our other clients! This privilege is priceless because everyone in the community is a high-level client.


The fee to be in the program is only US $4,997, but we're offering it at a 50% discount today. Thus, your investment is only a one-time off of $4,997 $2,497. 

But if you are the first 5 to secure now, you'll be able to secure at only $1,997, which is the same offered price given out in 2023.
Seeing that the masterclass is on the 9th and 10th of March 2024, you're not required to pay $4,997 $2,497 $1,997 today yet.

To secure your spot, today's investment is just $297.

Our office will then reach out to you on how you wish to complete the balance in 2024.
Here are the components for the program:

Component #1: The 2 Day A.I App Entrepreneur Masterclass

Component #2: Three Live Zoom Classes

Component #3: 90 Days of Expert Support And Community

When you join the program today, you'll also get these 2 exclusive bonuses for free...

Exclusive Bonus #1: A.I To Income Course Worth $497

This course is very straightforward - how to make your first $1,000 by using AI. The A.I To Income Course will be ready in mid-January 2024. Therefore, you can start this course before attending the 2-day live masterclass in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

By then, you'll have a stronger foundation in internet business and using A.I. for marketing. This will set you up to become an A.I entrepreneur when you're able to create your A.I app and selling them.

Exclusive Bonus #2: 4-Day Retreat Mastermind Worth $4,999

You'll get the invitation to attend the mastermind, which will be held in Q1 of 2024 in a resort in Malaysia. Attendees will arrange their accommodation and travel accordingly. Here are the 3 things we do in the 4-day retreat:

Retreat - We'll organize it in a resort, so this could also be your retreat, your time to rejuvenate. But unlike other vacation trips, this is the kind of trip that helps you to make even more money after a vacation!

Networking - This is your opportunity to network with my other premium clients! On top of that, I'll also be inviting other experts to attend, so here's another rare opportunity to get personal advice, brainstorm ideas, form partnerships, and so on!

Expert's Advice - Throughout the 4 days, we'll also have several presentations by the experts I'm inviting to come over where this information is rarely shared elsewhere! These experts are mainly from the 3 industries of Web3, A.I and entrepreneurship.


I do not know anything about programming or coding, I'm not even a technical person - is this suitable for me?
Yes, we'll show you how you can create your own A.I app and software without any technical skill or background. The program is for those who want to be A.I entrepreneurs and make money. Not to learn coding.
I have a team, how much it'll cost to bring another person to join me as part of the program?
For any additional person, the fee would be a 50% discount on the fee you're paying for yourself. If you want more than one person, you can inform our team when your application is approved.
How fast I could create an A.I app after the 2-day masterclass?
For a simple and workable A.I. app like the "TikTok script" app, it could be as quickly as right after you've completed the masterclass itself, which means in just days. The truth is that the "duration" depends on how advanced the app will be. You would already know about doing it.
Can I still get Experts Support after 90 days?
We would prefer you to be trained well and be independent because our nature of business is not to offer this service; our Experts are busy building more A.I apps and software for our own company. But if you genuinely need it, we can still extend support for you for a reasonable fee. Please note that this is NOT customer support; Expert Support is a priceless component you'll not get elsewhere. At the same time, in all honesty, 3 months are more than enough to help you succeed.
Do I need to have an existing business?
No, not at all. Once you've learned from the masterclass, you'll be given many opportunities to launch an A.I business. But if you have an existing business, it can also benefit your business tremendously because you'll be able to create A.I tools to help your business to grow.
Do you have payment plan?
Yes, we can arrange that for you, if needed. If you have a Malaysian credit card, we can also offer a 12-month zero interest instalment plan.
The last point I want to add is this –

Being in the right time and place for business is crucial; that could mean being a millionaire or not.

Microsoft stocks spiked up because of OpenAI. Facebook, Amazon and Google are rushing into the A.I game.

A.I. is the future.

Today, I'm handing you a golden opportunity; whether you see it or not, there's little I can do. But I and my other clients will ride on this trend to make lots of money together.

If you feel $4,997 is too expensive for you or don't see the ROI of it despite offering it for just a small investment of $1,997 (if you're the first 5), then this may not be for you. 

Furthermore, you're only required to invest $297 to secure your spot.

But if you're so excited to see the A.I App Entrepreneur Program is available in front of you right now, then you could be the right client for me to help succeed. I'm only looking for 20 clients.
The A.I App Entrepreneur Mastermind Program Checkout

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