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"If you’ve been trying to get started, STOP STRUGGLING TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. Start getting customers to buy digital products FROM YOU, every day."

What if I tell you that it's possible to make 5 figures of monthly income without keeping inventory or having any employee?

And the best part is, it's a business that can be automated where you can work anywhere and at anytime you like. This automated business is none other than selling digital products online, either your own digital product or simply earning commissions from affiliate programs.

So, what are digital products?

They are usually information products, which is short for "info-products".

The most common ones are eBooks and video courses, where they provide "how to" information or education to the buyer.

But the fact is, anything that can be delivered digitally, even a software, is a digital info-product. Including online classes or virtual events.

In fact, interestingly, Netflix is also a form of digital e-Commerce business, but it's more aimed at the entertainment industry instead of the educational market.

As you can see, this industry is super massive and highly lucrative.

After all, TODAY, knowledge is the key to becoming healthier, wealthier, happier, and everything else - the market is "hungry" to learn as they value information more than ever.

This is why you've seen websites like,,, etc., have become very successful (and highly profitable).

The question is, how can you get a piece of it, "channeling" some of these sales into your own business?

NOTHING can beat the digital product business model...

If you truly ponder on it, it beats the e-Commerce physical product market at any time.

Here's why...
  • 1. You don't have any real cost. You're selling information that is delivered via downloadable material such as a PDF file or online streaming video. Unlike physical products, you don't have inventory.
  • ​2. It can be fully automated. Your customer pays you and they get their access. That's it, all automated. With physical products, you'll need to deal with fulfilment. Sometimes, packing and shipping too.
  • ​3. Your profit margin goes up to 100%. When you're earning 100% profit, this allows you to have so much more budget for ads or for paying out referral commissions. Also, that takes away the "cost of refund" problem.

Let's say you sell a physical product, maybe a catchy designed T-shirt.

But there are so many choices of T-shirts your prospects can buy, and furthermore, it's just a “commodity” where there's a limited price for how much a T-shirt should cost!

But if you're selling a "how to" video course?

You dictate the price of it. 

If the content can truly help someone to solve their problem, hey, it's rather priceless, don't you think so?

For an example:

If you can teach someone how to save $10,000 when purchasing some real estate, I'm sure you'll not have any problem selling that knowledge for less than $100. Because that's a ROI of $9,900 to your customer.

I think your customers will gladly pay for it.

"For Newbies Who Do Not Want To Waste Time And Money Anymore, Especially On Courses."

I love telling the truth, but I hate disappointing people.

Unfortunately, in this "how to build an online business" industry, both of these are very contradicting to each other.

This is especially true when it comes to buying courses.

You see, if a newbie wants to learn something, perhaps wanting to learn about running FB ads, he can buy a course to learn. That's wonderful, like we have the Newbie Series that helps newbie to learn what they need to know, before they can learn marketing. 

"Do You Mean, Going Through Courses Are Useless For Newbies To Learn How To Succeed With A Digital Business?"

First, let's define a "newbie". In this context, it simply means someone who still haven't have a system to generate income yet, regardless of whether he has taken action or not. Because succeeding in an online business requires a system - from knowing how to present the offer to getting targeted traffic to it.

To be honest, it takes more than a course, regardless of whether it's $49 or $499 to know how to build an online digital business and succeed. Courses are great if you want to learn SOMETHING, a particular knowledge but it's not going to "solve" your problem. 

For a system to work, there are so many components towards building an online business successfully! 

Crafting the right offer, writing sales copies, building relationship with leads, how to brand yourself, designing webpage, creating funnels, automating the follow up process, how to use social media, building organic traffic, how to run ads effectively, creating videos, Facebook marketing, how to do a webinar... I could continue listing them and they will fill up this entire page. Imagine going through all of these courses and the at the end, don't know how to put them all together because they are all from different experts. And worst still, some are not even necessary, depending on your business stage.

So, how would learning about funnel can help you to build an online business? Or learning about FB ads?

Well, learning about building an online business is more than just a funnel or FB ads. :-)

But don't get me wrong - courses are extremely useful for non-newbies. Like me, I love courses because after I've learned from them, I can execute the strategies to start selling online profitably. 

Because if you are a newbie and want to build an online business, it takes more than a course (or courses). Mainly because you need to ask questions, get your business to be reviewed, ongoing training, proper guidance, overall understand of the business model and definitely COACHING. 

Perhaps, the best way to understand this is take yourself for an example...

If you are a newbie, despite the seminars attended or courses you've been through, countless of videos watched... were you able to start an online digital business and making thousands of dollars each month yet?

You know your answer better than I do.

If you want real coaching, I have that for you. We'll work with our students to help them at PERSONAL LEVEL for one year. It's not free but frankly, WITHOUT THIS, you'll just end up spending more money on seminars and courses in 12 months (and probably still gain nothing significant). Or, you can join a coaching program and actually have something built. Even start generating income for you.

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